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Do you cry at movies? So do we!

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Purpose: Come on, kids. Stop being so hardcore. We all cry at movies, admit it!!

This community is for all of us to band together and cry on eachother's shoulders, to reccomend movies, to review them, and to share sappy movie-going experiences. So have fun!

-No community whoring. If you must, ask me first.

-No bashing. At all.

-When contributing a movie review, put it behind an LJ cut with the title of the cut as the title of the movie.

-Please. DoNt TyPe LyKe DIs!11oneone. And correct your grammar. I intend to be an English major, and I will come down on you if you continuously misspell things or act like you didn't pass third grade.

-Stick to the topic. It's great if you just found out that this really hot guy/girl likes you, but post it in your own journal, thanks.

-Remember, not everyone cries at the same movies you do. Be respectful.

-If you're new, you are allowed to make a post stating so, and put "Armageddon is good despite Bruce Willis" in the subject line. I have to know if you read the rules or not.